Enthusiastic tennis players don't want to miss out on their favorite sport while on vacation. Numerous holiday countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy, Croatia and France attract with modern tennis courts and great offers. Be it on the mainland or on an island - a tennis holiday with sun, beach and sea is possible anywhere.

If you want to be active on vacation, you should first find out about sports hotels. Sports hotels are equipped with tennis facilities, mostly with a pro shop where tennis rackets, clothing, rockets and balls can be bought. Tennis courses are offered for children or beginners. In addition, there are usually other sports and wellness offers and a fitness / weight room.

Open tennis facilities or clubs in the cities are free for everyone for a fee. Rackets and balls can be borrowed there. More information about such places can be found in the public tourist information.

If you want to develop yourself further in tennis, you have the opportunity to take part in a tennis training camp. The aim is to improve the skills of the participants in the areas of play, technique and fitness. In addition to the daily tennis offer, there are also wellness offers for the strenuous athlete.

There is a bottleneck every year in April when numerous tennis clubs and groups want to prepare for their season on clay courts.


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