About sports meetings 

Sportmeeting International was founded by Fredy Scharkowski in February 1998 with the aim of holding international sports exchanges. 

Since then, together with my team, I have organized "international matches" in the team sports table tennis, soccer, volleyball in Europe, Florida and Sri Lanka, and have run training camps for tennis, swimming, cycling, triathlon and athletics. 

For individual sports enthusiasts - golf, tennis, diving, surfing, horse riding and sailing - we make the sports trip a unique experience with accommodation between a hammock and a luxury resort. 

With 20 years of experience, we help companies organize experience-oriented events for employees and customers. 

As a travel agent, Sportmeeting International is completely independent of fixed service providers and only through positive experiences. 

Partner bound for logistical processing. 

The newly developed sports portal sportsmeeting.com brings sports travel providers and sports travelers together directly by presenting modern sports offers on PC and mobile devices and making them bookable immediately, because the offer data is managed by the sports service providers. 

My team is made up of women and men with an affinity for sports who work on the project in several languages ​​in their regions by looking after sports providers and sports travelers. 

I would like to invite other interested parties to participate permanently and await your informative letter.