If the local golf courses have been adequately explored or the weather throws the athletes' bill, the only thing that saves a sporty holiday is a flight to a golf area. Regions in Austria, Spain, Turkey, Italy, France, Ireland, Portugal, Morocco, the USA with Florida and southn Carolina or the United Arab Emirates and Mauritius are particularly popular.

But how do golfers best transport their equipment and how deep do they have to dig into their pockets? The following applies, especially when traveling by air: Inform in good time! Each airline has different weight limits and fees for sports baggage.

If you want to forego the transport costs and head to a nearby golf area such as France, Austria, Italy, Catalonia for sporting activities, it is best to travel by car. This gives travelers an overview of the costs and can avoid nasty surprises.

Golf schools have also established themselves in some golf hotels with different courses for adults and children. They also offer wellness and regeneration with a swimming pool and sauna as well as fitness rooms including qualified supervision.

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