Palaces and castles of bygone eras. Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War. A guided cycling holiday...
Castles of the Loire 2022
8 Days
Mountain dreams, alpine glow, seascapes (Waginger See, Chiemsee, Königssee), culinary delicacies - a...
Chiemgau cyclist's paradise, 8-day tour
8 Days
From the turquoise blue sea to the high mountains, past palm trees and chestnuts. Cycling through br...
Corsica 2022
8 Days
Where the Alps drop steeply to the south and give way to a colorful carpet of wonderful Mediterranea...
Cycling on Lake Garda with an e-bike
6 Days
Discover the Münsterland with its idyllic landscape. You cycle through colorful meadows and pastures...
Cyclists paradise Münsterland, 8-day tour
8 Days
Idyllic lakes churn out the longest river in Denmark, the Gudenå - and in the middle the outdoor cap...
Denmark round trip - pleasure cycling with the e-bike
6 Days
This 8 or 10-day cycle tour is perfect for those looking to personally experience the unique and uns...
Discover Umbria
7 Days
Genießt Kuba mit modernen E-Bikes gleichwohl auf nostalgische Weise, mit einem Glas edlen Rums oder...
e-bike Tour Kuba
14 Days
The Kingdom of Morocco on the northwestern edge of Africa is predestined for a relaxed e-bike tour:...
e-Bike Tour Marokko
10 Days
e-Bike Tour Mosel from HAHN airport with 3 overnight stays on 4 stages through the Hunsrück and the...
e-Bike Tour Moselle from Hahn Airport
4 Days
What a contrast! On the one hand Bangkok, a dazzling metropolis in the fast lane, with futuristic sk...
e-Bike Tour Thailand
15 Days
eBike tour from Kesten on the Moselle with 3 overnight stays on 4 stages through the romantic wine l...
eBike Tour Mosel
4 Days
eBike tour from Kesten on the German, Luxembourg and French Moselle and Saar with 5 overnight stays...
eBike Tour Mosel, Saar
6 Days
Experience the most beautiful stretches of the North and South Island of New Zealand with your nose...
eBike Tour New Zealand
20 Days
An unforgettable South Africa tour. You can look forward to malaria-free game reserves, the legendar...
eBike Tour South Africa
14 Days
Lush green hill country, picturesque harbor towns, two national parks that couldn't be more differen...
eBike Tour Wales
8 Days
For an active week, immerse yourself deeply in the enchanting landscape of the Tuscia, which is abou...
eBike tours Etruscan
8 Days
Round trip with the e-bike (pedelec) through Vietnam: Get to know a fascinating, distant country wit...
ebike-Tour Vietnam
15 Days
Hilly landscapes, wide plains and the great river. Culturally rich cities, prosciutto, parmigiano an...
Emilia Romagna 2022
8 Days
From the mountains to the sea, a wonderful bike tour that starts at the Austrian border at the Brenn...
Etsch cycle path Innsbruck Venice
1 day